Our industry has seen a rekindling in its love for physical media. We value the bonds we form with tacticle formats. Our collections provide us with a sense of security. They're ours to safeguard and pass down.

Providing a lasting home for this catalog remains one of the primary goals of this project. As we explore the concept of preservation in our digital world it's become as much about documenting these individuals as it has about sharing their work with you.

Dewtone presents this music in high resolution, honoring the integrity of the original author. Tap on their name to begin a search for their available discography on Bandcamp.

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Dewtone Recordings is a small imprint presenting original material that has both drawn from, and influenced, frequencies found here over the years. Proceeds play a significant role in funding forthcoming collaborative works.

An optional monthly subscription is available for those that want to play a direct role in the maintenance of this broadcast. Your donations help keep the stream running and allow the channel to accommodate a growing audience.

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photography Josh Appel